It’s Alive!

So we had one of our business play-dates today.  Only one child ate homemade play-doh and there was no crying.  Huge success!  But it also left us with a large to-do list.  On that list was making our website public.

This calls for a happy dance!  I’m going to keep on happy dancing though this is frightening.  In many ways the filing paperwork and past business play-dates were not in the public.  Instead of hammering away at my list immediately I created this: live happy dance  Now I need to send emails and work through my to-do list.  All the reading, researching, talking to peers about a children’s museum has always been real to us, but now we have a website, a facebook page, and a twitter account we need to master.  Follow us, re-tweet us, and all that jazz.  I’m sure we are going to make mistakes, but we will try to correctly use all these social media without embarrassing ourselves too much.

We also have a survey we would love for people to take.  We want The Des Moines Children’s Museum to be awesome, and we know there is a lot of awesome out there.  I promise it’s a short Survey and won’t take long. Thanks!


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