Scary Times


Scary, nerve racking, want to hide behind our hands moments since April 2017

I do things that scare me all the time now.  Some of the things that I’ve done in the last year aren’t really that scary-but nerve racking and definitely out of my comfort zone.  Recently I found this awesome magnet and thought yep that’s where I am right now.


Talk in front of adults–  Some Masons and Kiwanis adults have been kind enough to have me come and give a presentation.  Thank you!   masons

Email complete strangers.  I overheard two college students at the Iowa Cubs view event of the world series talking about how Des Moines is so amazing since you can email anybody and ask to meet for coffee and they’ll agree to.  This led Laura and I to take that chance and this definitely needs a subcategory.iowa cubs

  • Email people we are pretty sure will not like us-  This is my least favorite since it’s always more enjoyable to meet people who are excited, BUT meeting people who are critical of what we are working on actually is so incredibly helpful.   Thank you!
  • Email people that are out of our league and meet with them.  Pretty much anyone that has different types of clothes and not just mom clothes are out of our league.   Thank you!

Buy a homemade trailer off craigslist and drive it.

This one pretty much has its whole own sub list too.

  • Drive the trailer since my husband, Brad, said “You might not want to drive that on the highway.”  After I bought it with museum funds!
  • Drive the trailer off road– steep hills that lead into ponds included.
  • Try to back up the trailer again and again and again-It has been discovered that Laura has mad skills that I will never aspire to.

Sign a lease and open up a temporary location in Valley West.  Thank you Valley West!

Write a press release.  Thank you Des Moines Register!

Go on the news.  Thanks for being nice to us.  WhoTv and KCCI

Give an interview to a reporter over the phone.

Create a website

Apply for a BRAVO grant– Thank you BRAVO! We are BRAVO Cultural Partners this year! bravo logo

Apply for a Des Moines Community Foundation grant for strategic planning.  Thank you!

Ask people to be on the board.  Thank you for taking the leap!

Ask people to volunteer I am blown away.  We’ve had over 70 volunteers in addition to our amazing board members.

Run a Go Fund Me campaign.  Seriously Thank You!

Launch a Facebook page Thank you for all the likes, shares, and comments.   The Facebook response and all of the parents, grandparents, nannies, and people at festivals, the mall, and markets we meet that encourage us to keep doing scary things and keep moving as fast as we can, and keep making It better.

Here are two last scary things.

Every single time I write a blog (seriously-and probably why we haven’t had a blog lately, but Laura said we should really start blogging again).

Posting pictures of ourselves. Here are the only two pictures we took together at the Association of Children’s Museum Conference we just went to. Thank you Annika and the board for encouraging us to go.   We have so many more scary things to do.


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