Growth Spurt!

You may have heard that we’re having a growth spurt!

GoFundMe Picture 2019

We’ve outgrown our current space and are moving to a bigger space in Valley West Mall!

We will be tripling our exhibit space, doubling our programming/party space, and adding a restroom for visitors.  To make all this happen, we need everyone’s help. We need funds for new exhibits, exhibit improvements, and improvements to the space.

In early March, we’ll be moving our new exhibits along with a few small improvements into the new space, and opening back up for visitors on Saturday, March 9th.  After that and into summer, we’ll be working on adding LOTS of new exhibits and activities to fill up our new 6,000 square foot exhibit space.

We are working hard behind the scenes on writing grants, holding fundraisers, and seeking sponsors.  All these thing will help us reach our goal, but also have time delays that mean we won’t have funds in hand for several weeks to months.  Our most immediate need is funding to complete the upgrades to the space needed to open in March, and begin purchasing the items we need to get started on exhibit upgrades

We started Des Moines Children’s Museum because we are two moms that wanted a children’s museum closer than Omaha or Coralville.  We’ve been a grassroots, community driven effort so far, and now we’re asking you to step up and help take the museum to the next level.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to fund the beginning of our BIG growth spurt.  Please help us make the next phase of Des Moines Children’s Museum a success! 

We’ve done a lot of moving things and learned how to rip up carpet.  It’s hard, but we learned that power carpet pullers are amazing!





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