Programs and Special Events

Crafty Labs is a place where you can get a lot craftier without all the hassle! Join Ms. Lily for a small group activity every Friday for two separate classes during the day where something is new, messy, and crafty every time. These labs will take place in the back of the museum where the old party rooms were. Every Friday will be a different lab with a morning class and an afternoon class with Ms. Lily helping everyone along! Up to 15 kids can register for one class!

Space is limited, so registration is required.


Music Together is offering free 45-minute demos here at the Des Moines Children’s Museum in December and early January. This is an award-winning music and movement program that will be offered through West Des Moines Parks and Recreation starting January 12. Come experience the joy of making Music Together as you sing, dance, play and learn with your infant, toddler or preschooler. Because young children learn best from the powerful role models in their lives, Music Together shows parents and caregivers how to help their children become confident music-makers just by having fun making music themselves. Limit of one demo per family. Come and enjoy!