Programs and Special Events

Messy Labs is a place where you can get a lot messier without all the hassle! Join Ms. Kenzie for a small group activity every other Saturday where something is new, messy, and wacky every time. Our first Messy Lab will be On Saturday, July 9th from 9:30-10, we’ll be playing with Fizzy Play Dough. Smush it, cut it, listen to it sizzle! This dough is fun to touch and hear! We will have different fun containers, utensils, and play mats for all the play dough fun!

Space is limited, so registration is required.

Museum Babies is a free program for babies and their grown-ups every Thursday morning from 9-9:30 before the museum opens.  Having a baby is hard and wonderful, but it can be lonely, so we want to help facilitate parents finding other parents with little ones close to the same age.  No registration is required. Older siblings are welcome to tag along too!  There is no charge for older siblings to attend museum babies, anyone wishing to stay and play at the museum when we open can pay regular admission for the day at 9:30.

One of the topics we see come up all the time in our local parent Facebook groups is “I need to make some friends with kids, help!”  We want to help, so we’re trying out Find Your Village events this summer.  Every Thursday from 5-6 the museum will be open free of charge for parents and caregivers looking for an opportunity to socialize with other adults while the kids play.  Expect some corny icebreakers to get people talking, and hopefully find a new friend or two!