Des Moines Children’s Museum

Des Moines Children’s Museum is currently closed for the move to our new location.  Our expected date to re-open was March 9th, but due to some last minute delays in getting our new space updated to meet current fire codes, we will be rescheduling our re-open date.  We expect this to be a short delay, and will be posting updates as we have more information.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE:  We will be closed on Saturday, March 16th.  We are bringing some activities to our former space and will be open there from 9:00-12:30 on Monday, March 18th to Wednesday, March 20th.  We will be accepting cash admissions only, we no longer have internet service at the upstairs location and will be unable to process credit cards.

UPDATE, Monday March 25th: We have testing scheduled for our shiny new fire alarm system at 8AM this Wednesday. We’ll be opening for business that morning as soon as testing is complete! If everything goes smoothly, we’ll be open at 9.  If the tech runs into any trouble, they’ve said 2 hours is the longest it’s likely to take.  So if you want to be there for opening day but don’t want to wait at the play area a bit if testing runs long, plan to come at 10 or later.


Ages 1-10: $4.50
Under 1 or over 10: Donations appreciated but not required


Monday         9-12:30
Tuesday         9-12:30
Wednesday   9-12:30
Thursday       5-7:30
Friday             Closed
Saturday        10-5                                                                                                                    Sunday            Closed


Sing-A-Long with Bruce Day

The first Wednesday of every month, join us at 10:00 for singing and dancing with Bruce Day!  Included with your regular admission




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